New Workshop – Spread Your Wings


** SPREAD YOUR WINGS AND OPEN YOUR HEART ** – Yoga workshop for Healthy Shoulders and Spine

Saturday, 18.08.18 2.00pm-4.00pm, DOWNDOG+CROW (The Old Tannery, Hensington Road, Woodstock, OX20 1JH, M: 07980 623 925)

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Join me in this stunning new location of Downdog+Crow in Woodstock, for a lovely 2 hours yoga workshop in which we will focus on reopening the shoulders and upper back for greater feeling of freedom and openness to love and joy and other experiences that may come our way.

Our shoulders can become rounded and the chest closed in for many reasons – mainly from lack of either muscular strength and/or body awareness to maintain a healthy posture, but often as an effort to protect against all the threats and unpleasant things happening to us in the daily life. We round our shoulders and stoop forward to protect our heart as we carry our emotional, psychological and/or spiritual wounds. As our nervous system is a feedback system this means that by adopting this very posture our brain receives messages that we are less confident, our minds and hearts are closed and we are less likely to be happy.
This negatively impacts posture, length of muscles, shoulder mobility, respiratory health, and over all openness to love and joy. It is important to keep our heart open not just to receive love and light but to let the light and love that dwells in our hearts shine forth.

In this workshop, through mindful sequencing we will warm the body, explore shapes to balance the spine, open shoulders and chest, increase breath capacity and heart openness.
Following this flowing practice, guided meditation, healing mantra and a deep relaxationyou will leave standing taller, feeling receptive, restored and more spacious in your body.

Vegan Snacks & Water will be provided
ÂŁ35 per person


Spaces are limited so please book as soon as you can to reserve your space!

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