2 thoughts on “Get in touch

  1. nicolecroft says:

    Dear Ale,
    Hope you are well. We met a couple of times when you came to my classes and have heard such good things about your classes at D&C since you started teaching there.
    I was wondering if by any chance you would be free to cover a class of mine on a Weds morning 9.30-10.45 in chipping Norton, next weds may 3rd? I am away teaching in retreat but as the classes just started back after easter don’t want to interrupt everyone’s rhythm.
    If so let me know how much you charge for cover and I will send you lots more details.


    • A. says:

      Dearest Nicole,
      Firstly – Thank you so much for thinking of me. It is a great honour to be considered and I am very grateful. Unfortunately on the 3rd of May I’m already booked up, having to be in Zurich for a business meeting in the morning.
      I’d be absolutely delighted to cover for you in the future though, if you’d like me to! My number is 07544744406 and my email address is aleksandramanning@gmail.com – please do stay in touch and feel free to reach out to me whenever you need a cover in the future! I’m normally pretty flexible with work, so can move things around a bit.
      Take care my dear,


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