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Do Your OM Thing – Bending Yoga Tradition To Fit Your Modern Life by Rebecca Pacheco (Buy on AbeBooks) (Buy on Amazon)

This book is one of my favourite way to introduce my students to the idea of what yoga really is about. It’s very accessible (definitely more accessible than some of the books written but the greatest masters of yoga… but those are really worth the effort too!) and I find myself often going back and re-reading some chapters.

From Amazon:
Sometimes an hour-long yoga class is the only chance we get to connect meaningfully with our bodies and our minds during an otherwise hectic week. For a brief moment we’re able to let our worries melt away and feel relaxed, centered, and fully ourselves. Have you ever wondered how it would feel to bring that experience out of the yoga studio and into your everyday life?
In Do Your Om Thing, master yoga teacher and creator of the popular blog Rebecca Pacheco shows us how to do just that. The true practice of yoga, she says, goes deeper than achieving the perfect headstand—it is about bringing awareness and intention to every part of our lives. In her warm, personal, and often hilarious prose, Rebecca translates yogic philosophy for its twenty-first-century devotees, making ancient principles feel accessible, relatable, and genuinely rooted in the world in which we live today.

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